Varney Departs From MacDuffie to Pursue Education

Mohammed Abbasi, Social Media Editor

Science Teacher Joseph Varney will be one of the faculty and staff members departing from the MacDuffie School at the end of the 2019-2020 school year. He will pursue an education at the University of Connecticut School of Dental Medicine and become a member of the class of 2024.

According to Varney, he decided to return to college after 1 year of teaching because he has a passion for learning new things and solving problems. “The bulb that lights up when a problem is solved or a plot twist in a book is discovered is something that I have gone without for the last year… I am excited to begin feeding my appetite for learning again,” Varney said. 

Although he graduated from the MacDuffie School in 2015, he was still involved in many activities that took place on campus, including the summer camp every year. After attending college for 4 years, Varney decided to take up a new science teacher opportunity at the school.

“I felt that it was a great opportunity because I was still looking for work, in addition to me feeling I knew the campus and atmosphere of the school already. I had tutored a lot in college and felt that teaching was very similar to this in many aspects,” he said.

Despite the challenges that may have presented themselves in a teaching environment, Varney said that his fellow colleagues have been very supportive of him and helped him along the way. With his newfound experience as a teacher, Varney has gained a greater appreciation of the work that the faculty and staff put in to create lessons and academic material.

“When we as students walk into class and have a quality discussion about a book, or work through problems in a lab, we don’t really see all the preparation that led up to that class running so smoothly. Knowing this now, it is a piece of advice that I want to give to all students, appreciate the education you are receiving more and more each day.”

Varney said that he will bring with him many memories from the school, including both from his time as a student and as a faculty member. He said that his journey at the MacDuffie School has shaped his character both as a young adult when he graduated and the adult that he is now as a teacher. 

Varney wants to give a big thanks to everyone at the school as the 2019-2020 school year comes to an end; he wants to give thanks to his colleagues for giving encouragement, other opportunities to be involved with the school, and the resources he would need to begin his teaching with ease. He wants to also thank the students who have given him support and made his experience more enjoyable.

“This school is like no other. It is as close to a family as you could possibly get in an educational setting and while it can be easily taken for granted, it is something that I, and many others, will take with us forever,” Varney said.