New Librarian Joins the MacDuffie Faculty


Sean Lindsay, Staff Writer

Mr. Barak Blackburn joined the Macduffie staff this year and took the role of former librarian Ms. Jennifer Tuleja. 

Mr. Blackburn’s previous job was as a Director of Technology at other schools. Mr. Blackburn has been teaching for over 20 years. He earned a degree in creative writing and is working on another degree in library science. He is now a librarian and teaches creative writing at The Macduffie School.

Mr. Blackburn has creative ideas on how to encourage students and faculty alike to stop by, take out a book, and relax. He also plans to add more graphic novels to the library catalog. Mr. Blackburn has already moved the graphic novel category closer to the door so it is more visible. 

Mr. Blackburn enjoys playing Dungeons and Dragons and other table-top games. He also shows interest in fantasy football as well as trying exotic and local specialties when he travels. His favorite book is a Prayer for Owen Meany by John Irving. 

Mr. Blackburns’ first impression was that it is diverse and that people can be themselves. He likes that students can “let their freak flag fly”.

Mr. Blackburn is happy to join the MacDuffie community and hopes to transform the library into a more welcoming place.