2017-2018 Staff

Tanahj Pettway

Senior Staff Writer

Tanahj Pettway is a currently writing as a Senior Staff Writer on The Magnet. This is Tanahj’s first year at The MacDuffie School and his first year on the paper. Tanahj hopes to gain more skills in interviewing and creating...

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Ismael Massoud

Senior Staff Writer

Ismael Massoud is in the 11th grade in his second year at MacDuffie, but his first year working for The Magnet. He is a returning member of the basketball team and also a boarding student. He lives and grew up in New York City but was...

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Neville Lee

Senior Staff Writer

Neville Lee is a new Senior Staff Writer for the MacDuffie Magnet. Although this is his first -year writing for The Magnet, he has had previous experience writing for a school newspaper while attending his last school, Fordham Preparatory Sc...

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Maria Fedorova

Senior Staff Writer

Maria Fedorova is a senior at The MacDuffie School. It is her third year in this community; she came to the school as a sophomore, and this is her first year writing for The Magnet. She is from Saint Petersburg, Russia, where she has liv...

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James Bouknight

Senior Staff Writer

James Bouknight is currently a junior at The MacDuffie School. This is his first year writing for The Magnet as a Senior Staff Writer. James also plays for MacDuffie’s Boys’ Varsity Basketball Team. He has learned a lot abou...

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John Bella-Hunter

Senior Staff Writer

John Bella-Hunter is in his senior year at The MacDuffie School. This is his first year writing for The Magnet. His main hobby is basketball; he has been playing for around 12 years, and is currently on the varsity basketball te...

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Alison Jackson

Senior Staff Writer

Alison Jackson is currently a tenth grader in her second year at MacDuffie. She is new to The Magnet staff this year, and is looking forward to contributing to MacDuffie’s student-run newspaper. She is very passionate about wr...

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Varona Maysonet-Ayala

Managing Editor

Varona Maysonet-Ayala is a senior in her seventh year at MacDuffie, and is serving as The Magnet’s Managing Editor for the first time. Writing only as a contributor last year, she has been upgraded tremendously. Outside of t...

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Nicolette Peterson

Copy Editor

Nicolette Peterson has worked on the Magnet staff for one year as a Senior Staff Writer, and this is her first year in the Copy Editor position. As a junior, this is her fifth year at MacDuffie. When not editing drafts for the...

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Sarah Scott

Social Media Editor

Sarah Scott has been attending MacDuffie for four years. This year she is a junior and for the first year is taking on an editorial role on the Magnet’s staff as a Social Media Editor. This is her second year as a member of ...

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Sophie Sharp

Social Media Editor

Sophie Sharp is a junior, and is currently enjoying her second year as a Senior Staff writer and first year as a Social Media Editor for The Magnet. Sophie enjoys learning what she can about the journalistic world and how to b...

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Dollar Zhu


Dollar Zhu is the Editor-in-Chief and has been a Senior Staff Writer for two years on The Magnet. He is probably the nerdiest person on The Magnet staff, and is always obsessed with aesthetics and statistics. When he is not wo...

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