2020-2021 Staff

Ava LaChance

Ava LaChance is a writer for the Magnet. As a freshmen, this is Ava's first year at MacDuffie. In her free time, she enjoys practicing her violin and cello as well as dancing.

Nam Charlie Nguyen

Charlie Nguyen is currently a senior at MacDuffie and is in his first year writing for The Magnet.

Bob Fan

Bob Fan is a freshman at MacDuffie.

Emily Parnicky

Emily Parnicky, a Writer, Photographer, and Managing Editor for The Magnet, is currently serving her third year on the paper. She is a Sophomore in the Class of 2024. Aside from journalism, she enjoys various performing arts activities....

Mariel Baez

Mariel Baez, class of ‘22, has been at MacDuffie for 3 years.

Edinam Ablordeppey

Edinam is an editor for the Magnet. She’s currently a Junior, and it’s her third year being at The MacDuffie School, as well as her first year being on the Magnet. She is very passionate about social justice and aspires to...

Gabe Shumway

Gabe Shumway

Gabe Shumway is a junior in his 6th year at the MacDuffie School and is the Magnet's Co-Editor-in-Chief. He has worked for the Magnet as a writer and editor in past years, and he enjoys the thrill of writing articles for everyone...

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