MacDuffie Community Describes Vast Array of Spring Break Plans

Derin Tokcan, Staff Writer

Spring break is just around the corner! Today we are going to learn about some of our students’ plans for the two-week break. Today, we have Kameron St.Pierre ‘24 with us. St. Pierre is going back to her hometown, Swansea, Massachusetts. St.Pierre says, “Swansea is a very small town but has tons of memories.” St. Pierre is a boarding student (boarder) here at MacDuffie, so she is super excited to go back home and spend time with her family.

Next up we have Defne Pekinbas ‘24 with us. Pekinbas is a boarder in MacDuffie as well and she is from Turkey. Pekinbas says “[The] flight is going to take 10 hours but I can’t wait to see my family, especially my brother.” It’s going to be so heartwarming when they meet. 

“What are you most excited to do over break?” we asked. St. Pierre said, “I’m really looking forward to sleeping in my own bed because I’m sleeping in a top bunk and it’s really uncomfortable.” Pekinbas added, “I’m super excited about hanging out with my friends and [eating] some Turkish food.” 

Pepe Frias ‘23 has some nice plans as well. Frias is from Spain, but this Spring break he decided not to go back to his country instead his family is going to visit him in the U.S. Frias said, “I’m going to stay in New York with my family. I’m going to visit cool places like Central Park and I’m going to ski in [the Berkshires]. I’m super excited about skiing.” 

Mariel Reyes and Angie Pena are going to spend a lot of time together during Spring break. Pena is a Sophomore living in Chicopee, Massachusetts and Reyes is a freshman living in Springfield, Massachusetts. They said “We are going to visit a lot of places like New York, New Jersey, and Maryland. We are going to an ice cream museum in New York and after that, we are going to visit the American Dream in New Jersey.” 

However, we also have someone who is so excited to go back to his country. We have Juan Pablo Perez (JP), from Puerto Rico, who’s in his first year here in the U.S. First of all, JP said that “the United States is not as fun as Puerto Rico.” JP also added, “I’m really looking forward to going back because I miss my family and especially my girlfriend. I’m going to spend a lot of time at the beach.” He is a sophomore right now and plans to come back next year to MacDuffie. 

After talking with some of our classmates, we also want to hear about our faculty’s plans for Spring break, so we have Ms. Faber with us. She is living in Springfield, Massachusetts, but she is originally from Michigan. Ms. Faber said “I don’t have a lot of plans for this break. I will be visiting Cape Cod, Massachusetts and I will be doing some projects around my house.” It seems she is going to have a relaxing Spring break.

Last but not least we have Mr. Denno with us. Mr. Denno noted, “My family doesn’t have two weeks off like me, so I’m going to be alone. But I have an old 1969 Pontiac GTO car and it’s just sitting for years. I want to get that car fixed during break because I want to drive it. This is a big project that I want to accomplish during Spring break.” 

Today we learned about some of our community’s plans for this upcoming Spring Break. We are all so excited and looking forward to it! We hope you have a great, relaxing break. Have a great vacation MacDuffie!