MacDuffie Math Department Adds a Familiar Face


Edinam Ablordeppey, Co Editor-in-Chief

Nancy Swol has rejoined the MacDuffie community as a math teacher. To MacDuffie Veterans, Swol is a sight for sore eyes. Swol departed from the Macduffie community at the end of the 2019-2020 academic year, having spent two years, and rejoined the fall of 2021-2022 school year.

Swol brings back her 32 years of teaching experience and her degree in Elementary Education with a minor in Mathematics. Although her degree is in elementary education, Swol has only taught middle school and high school, with previous experience in the Ludlow and Chicopee public school systems.

During her time away, Swol dipped her toes in retirement and spent her time “tutoring students who were having trouble learning remotely.” Swol also spent “a lot of free time doing a variety of things like going on day trips, home projects, and spending time with family.” 

Realizing it wasn’t for her, she instantly returned to her love of teaching at MacDuffie, which never left her heart. Swol is currently teaching Algebra II, Honors Algebra II, Geometry, and 6th Grade math.

When asked what her favorite part of MacDuffie that she missed, she stated that she missed her kids and SAGE dining, saying, “I really missed their food, A LOT! My lunches at home simply didn’t compare to the delightful meals I get to have here.”

Although her short break from MacDuffie is over, Swol continues to “enjoy traveling, going for long walks, reading, and trying new restaurants,” along with her teaching. Swol hopes to continue teaching and helping students and has no plan to retire soon.