Sage Dining Survey

Sage Dining has been serving our school for 12 years, providing a variety of food every day. The Magnet conducted a brief online survey of the favorite dining hall foods of 130 MacDuffie community members.

Dollar Zhu, Staff Writer

FullSizeRender (1)Tacos
Sage Dining serves tacos approximately every two weeks, usually with guacamole. Approximately 11% of the people who participated in the survey like it. “Tacos are pretty chill,” said sophomore Mimi Jung.

We have burgers occasionally, and the dining staff will offer us optional add-ons, such as pickles, tomatoes, and lettuce. It is the most popular food among all the food provided by Sage; 24% of the people surveyed picked it as their favorite. “The burgers are good as they are but they put additional stuff on the rodeo burger to make it even better,” said junior Matthew Costa.

Almost every week we have a “pasta day.” On these days, we have the choices of whole wheat or white pasta with an option of marinara or Alfredo sauce. 13% of the votes went to pasta. “The penne pasta is cooked very well, with many options of sauce, Alfredo topping all off,” said sophomore Samuel Szczur.

There are also pizza days, which most often include a variety of cheese, pepperoni, and vegetable pizzas.
12% of the people surveyed chose pizza as their favorite food. “They offer gluten-free pizzas to me; I am a boring and gluten-free eater at home, and here I can have a variety of pizzas to choose,” said Visual Art teacher Jo-Ann Hastings.

Asian food
We have Asian food once in awhile, mainly Lo Mein, Thai curry and tofu. 15% of the people chose it as their favorite food. “Asian food has a special and strong flavor, and I really like the Asian cuisine style,” said freshmen Mengqi Sun.

Breakfast for Lunch
Once every two weeks we have breakfast for lunch. The Sage staff serves scrambled eggs, bacon, sausages, home fries and pancakes, with maple syrup, of course. This option got 12% of the votes. “I can use maple syrup, which is also known as the ketchup for breakfast, for lunch,” said senior Jordan Royer.

Besides the main categories, Sage also offers options such as soups, salads, sandwiches, which 12% of the participants chose. Sophomore Shilin Wang is a big fan of sandwiches. “I can choose what I want to put in my sandwich, and I think sometimes it would be healthier than the food Sage serves at that day,” said Wang. Sage also structures special holidays menus from time to time.