Boduch Dives Into New Position As Marketing Director


Alexis Chapin, Managing Editor

New Marketing and Communications Director Jodie Boduch says that she has found our community to be a friendly, educational, and exciting place in her first few weeks here. Taking over from Bethany Petano, Boduch has wasted no time in acclimating herself to the school in order to better present it to prospective students, as well as keep the larger community informed of events. This means that there has been an increase in the number of social media posts made, and Boduch says she has “reached out to the faculty and said ‘let me know what’s going on.’” Going to classes and school events regularly is something Boduch hopes to continue doing, in order to share what’s going on in the community with the outside world.

One of her goals is to recruit a social media team, and encourage student involvement. She says, “If there are several of us gathering content, it will be easier for everybody.” This way, students who are interested in marketing and advertising can gain some experience, and also have fun recording and photographing portions of the school to share with the community. She says that she has been amazed by the amount of exciting things that happen at MacDuffie each day. “The students are so alive, and [so much] of the community, no question,” she says.

And what does a marketing and communications director do, exactly? Boduch says her job is a mixture of “building the community part, and outreach… how MacDuffie represents itself to the world.” She runs the school’s social media accounts and updates our website. She also is in charge of securing billboards, television spots, and radio commercials for advertising, and works to help the admissions department. In addition, she reaches out to the press to try and get coverage for star athletes or students who excel at what they do.

Before she began her marketing and advertising career, Boduch had been preparing to become a college professor of history. She says, “I was in the PhD program at Brown [University] and I was just very disenchanted with how long it took to get a professorship.” So she decided to go to Clark University to get her MBA in marketing, and opened up a freelance business with a friend for five years. Once she heard about MacDuffie, she was convinced this was the place for her. She finds that her training in historical research and writing skills are useful in marketing.

In her spare time, she enjoys triathlons, sports, arts (and especially loves the art life in her hometown of Northampton), cats, and good food. She is also a big New England Patriots fan.

Boduch encourages anyone who is interested in marketing, communications, or participating in a social media team to email her, or to come talk to her in person.