Nulan embraces the new

Nulan converses with     senior Hiep Nguyen in  his office. Photo taken by Dollar Zhu.

Nulan converses with senior Hiep Nguyen in his office. Photo taken by Dollar Zhu.

Dollar Zhu, Staff Writer

The room in the north wing of MacDuffie that is decorated by top-college flags, and filled with warmth and comfort, now belongs to one of our new Faculty members, Kareem Nulan. Formerly employed at Gulliver Prep School in Miami, Florida, as a College Counselor and Guardian counselor, Nulan is now one of our College Counselors and the sixth grade Math teacher. “I like it here,” said Nulan. “This is a small school, but it doesn’t have that much of bureaucracy compared to the school I used to work in. The food is great, and I have really nice colleagues.”

Nulan is very enthusiastic about sports. “I play basketball, baseball, and I work out a lot. I’m also the type of person who just keeps the ESPN always on. I like watching NBA games, and I am a great fan of the Denver Nuggets,” said Nulan. Besides his passion for sports, he is also really into music. He listens to a wide range of music, from the 90’s to Maroon 5. He can play the clarinet as well.

During his time outside of the school, he likes to watch his son’s games in both soccer and baseball, and he loves hanging out with his family and friends. “I can still remember the time when I rode bikes and play ball with my friends in the neighborhood. Those are my best memories” said Nulan.

Speaking of some future plans, Nulan said, “Mr. Morris and I are working on the college counseling program, so the students will get a more systematic assistance on college applications.” He is also trying to improve his teaching skills, like illustrating concepts in clearer ways, in order to become an ever-better teacher.