Boudreau to Retire From Administrative Position After 20 Years at MacDuffie 

Alison Jackson, Co-Editor in Chief

After serving the MacDuffie community for two decades, Administrative Assistant to the Assistant Head of School Pat Boudreau will enter retirement at the end of the 2019-2020 school year. Although Boudreau is disappointed that she was unable to see faculty and students during her final months at MacDuffie due to the COVID-19 pandemic, she will always remember the deep connection she had with her colleagues. 

At the beginning of the 2000-2001 school year, Boudreau began working as a receptionist and Administrative Assistant to the Dean of Students at MacDuffie’s Springfield campus. Three years later, she became the Administrative Assistant to the Assistant Head of School and the Guidance Office, and then she assumed her current position as the school’s Registrar and Administrative Assistant to the Assistant Head of School for the remainder of her tenure at MacDuffie.

As a fixture of MacDuffie’s administration, it is unsurprising that Boudreau’s favorite part about working at MacDuffie has been “working with all of the students and faculty” and “helping whenever [she] can.” Boudreau’s passion for the community is evident in her love for “answering questions” and getting to act as a chaperone and confidant for students. 

A common thread running through Boudreau’s fondest memories is MacDuffie’s student body, as “being a neutral adult a student could talk to” when they needed guidance was particularly memorable for her. Because of the bonds she formed with students, Boudreau always experienced “a lot of emotion” when she attended Commencement.

“I watched the students grow into such wonderful people,” Boudreau said. “At times I felt like a mother [or] grandmother to many.” To Boudreau, one unforgettable aspect about MacDuffie was “being able to watch all students grow…into young adults.” Fittingly, as a self-proclaimed maternal figure in the community, Boudreau especially enjoyed “making sure everything looked perfect” at MacDuffie’s most important ceremonies for students, Academic Convocation and Commencement. 

However, it is not just the departures of graduating classes that Boudreau will remember, as she also treasures the moments that showed her the humor and talent of MacDuffie students. Whether they were “showing their childish side” by pressing her “That was easy” button as they walked by her office or impressing her with their musical and theatrical talents, Boudreau could always rely on MacDuffie students to lift her spirits. 

Additionally, the MacDuffie faculty had a profound impact on Boudreau, and she named Assistant Head of School David Ruiz and former Assistant Head of School Thomas Addicks as her greatest inspirations while working at MacDuffie. Boudreau said that both individuals contributed “humor and laughter” to the school, and she credits Addicks for encouraging her to apply for the Registrar position that she has held for nearly 14 years. 

While Boudreau undoubtedly cherished her time at MacDuffie, she is looking forward to visiting her children and grandchildren in Ohio and Florida more often in addition to other “touristy travel” once social distancing guidelines are relaxed. In the meantime, Boudreau plans to declutter and reorganize her house, as well as resume the piano lessons that she began a few years ago.

Because the COVID-19 pandemic required MacDuffie to adopt a remote learning model for the remainder of the year, Boudreau was saddened that she could not bid farewell to most students and faculty members in person. If she could address the community during the traditional Magnolia Day Assembly, Boudreau would wish everyone “the very best in the future.” Given the difficulty of distance learning, she would also like to “give everyone credit for making it work.”

When asked for parting words to the community, Boudreau advised everyone to “just keep the faith that everything will get back to normal as soon as possible.” She added, “My wish is for the whole community to stay safe and healthy in the coming months. Keep the humor in your life and always share a smile.”

On behalf of the MacDuffie community, The Magnet expresses endless gratitude for Boudreau’s contributions to MacDuffie, and we wish her a safe, healthy, and restful retirement.