A Car-less Student and A Future Olympian

Creampuff, Pastry Advisor


Dear Creampuff,

Can the school offer us rides to anywhere?

-Car-less Student


Dear Car-less Student,

For boarders, the school offers rides to and from the Springfield Union Station and Bradley International Airport. However, there are occasionally trips that the boarding department invites both day students and boarders to join. Some of these include skiing, ice skating, amusement parks, and recently, a trip to a Broadway musical in New York.

Try to have fun on a school trip!



Dear Creampuff,

How to get fit/get in shape?

-Future Olympian

Dear Future Olympian,

Seeing that I am a sweet delicacy, I’m not sure that I can help you with this. However, one thing that I can say is that you should strive to exercise at least once a day, as well as watching what you eat. It is good to have a balanced diet, and the many options at lunch make it easy to do so. Lay off the sweets (especially me) and try to get as many different colors of food as you can on your plate.

Hope this helps,



Dear Creampuff,  

I’ve been noticing more and more that we are not a very good audience when students or adults are making announcements or explaining things to the community. I try my best to listen, but I sometimes can’t hear over all the noise and other distractions around me. I’m too afraid to speak up, and I don’t think trying to be a good role model is even being noticed. How can I help us be a better listening community?

-Disheartened Student

Dear Disheartened Student,

Lately, Creampuff has been noticing that too. Even if other audience members may not be listening, the speakers still appreciate you putting in the effort to pay attention! However, if you want to make a more positive and bigger impact on the community, but are too afraid to speak up, you could always build up your courage by talking to faculty members or other students who feel the same way as you do. Also, just by reaching out to Creampuff about this issue you’re is already taking a strong first step to better our community!

Be brave!