Lovergirl, College Pressure, and Toxic Friendships


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Dear Creampuff,

I really like this guy but I know he is bad for me, but I cannot help my attraction towards him, what do I do?


Hey there Lovergirl,

Sometimes things aren’t so cut and dry when it comes to attraction. Who says this guy is bad for you? Do you like him and are others telling you not to go for it? Why not try it out and if things go well… it could be meant to be! You’ll never know unless you try! (Obviously, if this guy is a danger to you then DO NOT GO FOR IT.)

Put yourself out there,



Dear Creampuff,

I used to be hot but now I am ugly. How do I go back to being hot?

-Ugly girl

Hey there, not-so-ugly girl!

It is so important to not base your self worth on your appearance. It may seem that looks matter does but, in reality, they don’t. Everyone is beautiful in their own way. Your mind and soul is what makes you beautiful. Try to work on yourself, your personality, etc. because that is what really matters. Remember, YOU ARE SO MUCH MORE THAN WHAT YOU LOOK LIKE!

Much love,



Dear Creampuff,

I am having trouble picking colleges. My parents are keep pressing me about college and choosing but I still haven’t found the one and time is running out. What do you suggest?

-Pressured student

Dear pressured student,

Although college is important, you need to remind yourself and your parents that your health and happiness comes first. If they keep pressing you about choosing a college maybe sit down with them and tell them how it is making you feel. Choosing a college can change your entire future, so there’s no denying that the decision is a big one; take your time with it and make sure to prioritize your happiness; don’t choose a school simply because it will please your parents, do what is right for you! You could also try touring some of your college options and seeing what they are like. One more piece of advice is to go with your gut feeling- your first reaction to a situation is often right.

Good luck,



Dear Creampuff,

I have a friend who either ignores me or talks to me. It depends on the day. Our friendship is unhealthy and I know I deserve better but she is still one of my best friends. How do I go about our friendship?


Dear frenemy,

Toxic friendships should be avoided at all costs; they make you unhappy and can be bad for your overall well being. That’s not to say that it is easy; we often feel the need to stick around our friends and justify their behavior. However, your friend is doing something wrong. Maybe try to sit down and talk with them and tell them how they make you feel. Their reaction to this conversation will reveal the truth; if they try to make positive changes, then they do really care about your friendship, but if they don’t even make an effort, it’s time to let them go.

You’ve got this,


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