Nature Kid and Disheartened Student


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Dear Creampuff,

I’m having an issue. I want to live in my playscape, but it is too cold to live in it. What do I do?

-Nature Kid

Dear Child of Nature,

Move to Florida and bring your playscape with you! Or you can wait until summer.




Dear Creampuff,

I am struggling to accept that I didn’t get into my dream college. What should I do to cope?

-Disheartened student

Dear disheartened student,

Although you did not get into your dream college, it doesn’t say anything about who you are. You have worked hard throughout all of high school and deserve to be proud of your accomplishments. Whatever schools you did get into are lucky to have you as a student and you will probably get an amazing education and have a great experience wherever you choose to go, as long as it is a good fit for you. Always remember that things happen for a reason! Don’t beat yourself up about it and rather than dwelling on how upset you are that you didn’t get into one place, try to focus on all the other places you did get into!

You never know what the future holds,



Dear Creampuff,

Why do I always stay up so late?

– Tired student

Dear tired student,

I know how you feel. Sometimes, I just can not put my phone down or stop watching an addictive tv show, but I suggest turning your phone off when you want to sleep or put away other distractions.

Sleep well,