Clout, Insecurities, and a Jazzy Man

Clout, Insecurities, and a Jazzy Man


Dear Creampuff,

How do I get the clout? I have been lacking of it quite recently, and I don’t know why.


Lacking fame


Dear Lacking fame,

You should not worry about being popular or getting “the clout.” You should focus on being yourself and you’ll attract the right crowd. Remember, quality not quantity; the good friends will stick with you , the amount doesn’t matter. You’re probably a great dude/dudette!

Also, sharing creampuffs could get you some clout!

Cooler than you,



Dear Creampuff

I have two men and I like both. What do I do????! PLEASE ADVISE!

-Man Magnet


Dear Man Magnet,

What a difficult situation you are in… first, you shouldn’t lead both of them on, it’s not fair for either. You should decide who you think you would be truly happy with and then let them know as soon as possible. Make sure to let one of them down nicely and give them space after. The friend zone can be awkward but you’ll get through it!

Good luck,



Dear Creampuff,

I am insecure about the way I look. How do I boost my confidence?

-Self conscious student


Dear Self conscious student,

Gaining confidence can be hard and it takes time. Lack of self confidence is a very common issue among teens. Try to focus on the things you like about yourself, rather than picking apart the things you don’t like. Also, don’t seek validation from others and remember that true beauty comes from within. You are beautiful inside and out, doing things that make you happy and surrounding yourself with positive people will help you to realize this. Also, don’t forget that everyone around you also has insecurities, even if it doesn’t show.

Love yourself,



Hey there creampuff,

You like jazz?

-From a Jazzy man


Dear Jazzy man,

Hi Jackson…

– Genius,