A Rorse, Loneliness, and Prom!


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Dear Creampuff,

There is a friend in my group and it seems as though she doesn’t like me. My group of friends is small, about 4 people and most of us are new. We were close at the start but now I feel like she doesn’t want to be friends with me. She would usually leave me out of a conversation with friend A, leave me behind with her, act annoyed when I’m around. I want to be friends with her, but it’s hard when I don’t know what to talk about with her. I don’t want this group of friend to break apart, because this girl had already slowly moved this group of friend slowly away from friend B.

-sad and lonely student-


Dear sad and lonely student,

What a sticky situation you have found yourself in. Sounds like there is a lot of drama in your friend group… maybe get everyone together to talk it all out and share how you are feeling about the situation. If things go bad, have some creampuffs and find new friends – I’m sure there are a lot of people who will treat you better.

Good luck,



Dear Creampuff,

It is one year later and we still have yet to receive our prom pictures. I paid a solid $48 to attend prom, but I don’t have any pictures to document the experience! What do I do??

– Pictureless Promgoer


Pictureless Promgoer,

Although I am not a customer service representative, I would recommend asking the photographer who took the prom pictures why you haven’t gotten any pictures yet. Maybe it was a scam or got lost in the mail. You won’t know unless you ask!

Good luck,



Dear Yummy Pastry,

Will Godot ever come?

From, H blk AP English
Gogo and Didi


Dear Gogo and Didi,





Hey Creampuff,

If you had to breed either a horse and a rabbit together, or a frog and a dog together, which one would you choose to breed?

Curious Child


Dear oddly curious child,

Definitely a horse and a rabbit together. A rorse!

Hope this satisfies your curiosity,