Cat Ate My Homework and Bugs in the Shower?! Creampuff’s Latest Advice

Cat Ate My Homework and Bugs in the Shower?! Creampuffs Latest Advice


Dear Creampuff,

My best friend stole my ex-boyfriend after two weeks of us breaking up, what should I do? How do I forgive something like that?

-Betrayed Friend

Dear Betrayed Friend,

The most important thing in a friendship is to communicate. Have you tried talking about the situation with your friend? Maybe they have a completely different perspective on what happened. If your friendship is truly important, then you will find a way to get past this and don’t let a boy break apart your friendship.  

You got this,



Dear Creampuff,

How To NOT Get Friend- zoned?

-Friend-zoned Friend

Dear Friend-zoned Friend,

I’m sorry to break this to you, but If you get friend zoned… it wasn’t meant to be.  

The truth hurts my dear,



Dear Creampuff,

My cat ate my homework? What do I do?

-Bad student

Dear, Bad student,

Hmm.. are you sure you’re not trying to get away with not doing your homework?




Dear Creampuff,

There are too many bugs in the dorm bathrooms. (I’m a boarder.) What should I do?

– Boarder

Dear Boarder,

Sounds gross! Maybe talk to your RA or Mrs. Lyman – hopefully they will know what to do.

Grossed out,