Friend Troubles and Physics


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Dear Creampuff,

I have a friend that always thinks she is better than everyone else, and tells me that I am bad at things. I want to be nice to her, but I want to tell her to stop. How should I do this?

-Concerned Friend


Hey there concerned friend,

You should start with talking to her and telling her exactly how you feel. Make you sure she knows that you still want to be her friend, but this has been bothering you for a while.You could also offer her a creampuff to lighten up the mood. If she gets mad at you for this, then she is not your real friend – you deserve better!. It might be scary but you got this!!!!




Dear Creampuff,

How do I pass physics?????

-Struggling Physicist



Dear struggling physicist,

It might seem really hard at first, but focus in class, study hard, and make sure to ask a lot of questions so that you understand all the material. Don’t be afraid to go to extra help! The more you know in physics, the more jolly ranchers you get to eat!

Yours truly,



Dear Creampuff,

What do you do when your friends ask you which one is you best friend?

-Miss/Mister Popular


Hey there Popular,

Avoid this situation at all costs… but if it does occur, RUN AWAY! RUN FOREST RUN.

Running away,



Dear Creampuff,

I feel so useless all the time. I put way too much pressure on myself, and I always end up having a panic attack. What can I do to feel like I actually belong here.



Dear Struggling,

First of all, you should know that you are always loved and cared about; you have friends and family who really care about you. Just know that you are doing the best you can, and that will always be enough. The most important thing at the end of the day is your health, so don’t stress yourself out too much- your homework and studying can wait if you need time to breathe. Prioritize and put yourself first.

With love and care,

Cream Puff




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