Heartbreaks, bad roommates, and big butts???

Creampuff, Advice Pastry

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Dear Creampuff,

Do my pants make my butt look big.

-Self-conscious student


Hello self-conscious student,

It isn’t about the outer appearance, it’s the inside that counts! Your heart needs to be big, not your butt!

Big- hearted,



Dear Creampuff,

What does one do to win the heart of a heartless boy? And don’t say I have better things to do. It’s been five months since the beginning of the hunt, and I’m running out of ideas.

-Hopeless Romantic


Hi Hopeless Romantic,

I understand your pain… I have been in the same boat. But what I have learned is that I need to focus on myself rather than a boy who doesn’t see my worth. You are worth so much more than a heartless boy – the right person will come along when it’s meant to be (and hopefully he has a heart… and creampuffs)!




Dear Creampuff,

How to deal with annoying roommates?

-Annoyed roommate


Hi annoyed roommate,

You have a few options…. One is to offer them cream puffs in hope that they’ll stop, or you could replace their shampoo with cream. Just kidding, we don’t advocate pranking your roommates. You should probably talk to them and tell them what is bothering you and figure out a solution together!

Helpful as always,


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