Creampuff, Advice Columnist

The Magnet’s anonymous advice columnist is here to answer all your questions and concerns.

Q: How do I pass physics?????

A: First you have to tell yourself that you can pass! F=ma is not a monster, it’s just an apple that happened to hit some nerd’s head in 17th century England. Then you can start finding your momentum: Grow messy hair and never brush your teeth (all scientists do that!), knock on Sal Khan’s door whenever you are confused, and of course, treat yourself with a creampuff before every test!

Q: I feel so useless all the time. I put way too much pressure on myself, and I always end up having a panic attack. What can I do to feel like I actually belong here?

A: I sometimes feel the same too! I feel like my friend s’mores always gets all the love, and I am the useless pastry nobody cares about. But we know that’s not true (or nobody would write to me). It’s okay to feel bad about yourself. Just remember that those feelings don’t equate the reality. So take a deep breath, look around, and I’m sure you’ll find someone who appreciates you.