The Magnet’s anonymous advice columnist is here to answer all your questions and concerns. Drop her a letter in his special box in the library. They will be so happy to help!


Creampuff, Advice Columnist

Question: What happens when you die?

Dear Curious About Death,

Since I haven’t died recently, I couldn’t really tell you. There is a lot of speculation about that heaven thing, but reincarnation could be cool, too. Best of luck on your search.

Sincerely, Creampuff

Question: I like cheese too much. What to do?

-Cheese Child

Dear Cheese Child,

Nice to see I’m not the only one who loves cheese! I recommend trying to balance out your diet while still keeping cheese as a treat. I would also suggest taking on a mouse as a pet and possibly your new best friend! You and your mouse can share your love of cheese.

Sincerely, Creampuff

Question: Dear Creampuff,

I have a crush on someone who used to like me but he told me he likes someone else. I want to get past him but I don’t know how.

-Boy Trouble

Dear Boy Troubles,

First you take one step past him, and then another. Guess what: you are past him! Now don’t turn around! No seriously, you need some space; take some time to focus on yourself and less on boys. You are young and there are plenty of fish in the sea, lots of pastries in the display case- you get the idea.

Sincerely, Creampuff