The New Baseball Team at The MacDuffie School


Junior Ian Hua, Junior Joao Pedro Lenzini Tavares De Lima, Senior Carlo DeFelice, Senior Vincent DelBuono, Senior Luis Sanchez, Junior Vinny Buono, Senior Mike Cruz, Freshman Peter Parrotta, Sophomore Declan Kearney, and Junior Noel Lopez stand on a baseball field for a group photo.

Mohammed Abbasi, Senior Staff Writer

This year, The MacDuffie School has added baseball to their spring sports roster. According to Athletics Director Meirion George, baseball is usually considered an American sport and one that is of interest to several students at MacDuffie.

As of May 4, 2019, there have been 8 games during the regular season, according to Junior Cam Corliss. The coach for the team is Neil Domer-Shank. Skills such as hitting, pitching, and fielding are worked on at practices.

Like a typical MacDuffie sport, practices are held on all days of the school week and sometimes on the weekends as long as there are no issues such as the weather. Practices can take place on school grounds or off-campus, according to Corliss, who primarily joined the team because he used to play baseball at The Masters School.

Most of the games for the season have been scheduled to be away, and home games have been held in the South Hadley High School baseball field. Currently, a baseball field at MacDuffie is in the process of being built, as construction started earlier in the school year but was restricted due to the adverse weather conditions, according to George.

Corliss commented on what he most likes about the baseball team.

“Everyone is really good friends with each other, everyone is super supportive; I just like to go out there and have fun,” he said.

“[I am] excited for a new sport… [I] look forward to seeing what the community can support for another sport that we can provide,” George said.

The baseball team had a major game at the Dunkin Donuts’ stadium on May 8 at 3:30 PM which will be covered in a separate article on the Magnet.