MacDuffie Introduces AP Lifting Program

Cem Erol, Senior Staff Writer

The AP Lifting Program has already started its workouts this fall for the first time. The program is primarily for Junior and Senior Varsity athletes who are on their off-seasons and are planning on playing their sports at the next level. The main focus of the program is getting the athletes conditioned and ready for their seasons. 

Coach Josh Rondeau, who has been the Strength and Conditioning coach for Varsity teams for the last two years, is the supervisor and the coach of the program. Rondeau has stated in the interview that he has trained high school athletes for over 10 years.

The program currently has 10 athletes for the Fall season. The Athletics Department has tried to keep the size of the program small due to the lack of equipment and space in the weight room. Therefore, the program is quite competitive. 

The 2019-2020 school year is the program’s first year. The priority focus of the program is to support with academics, then work on the athletes’ improvement in the weight room. Rondeau said, “We try to have a sense of community where we can help these kids academically, but also in the weight room.” 

The program meets twice a week, usually on Wednesdays and Fridays. In the weight room, they mostly work on “improving mobility, overall strength and explosiveness,” Rondeau said.

Rondeau explains that the athleticism and motivation of these student-athletes cannot be doubted as the group consists of some of the most elite athletes at MacDuffie. “In the group, the work ethic is extremely high. It’s to the point where I rarely have to worry about anybody’s motivation. They are all trying to play at the highest level, so everybody is extremely motivated to be successful,” Rondeau said. Athletes interested in getting better in both the weight room and their sports can reach out to Athletics Director Meirion George.