Cross Country Season Recap

Maxwell Barcome-Laflamme, Staff Writer

The 2021-22 Macduffie Cross country team was led by coach Kevin Hillman and team captain Matt Jiang, in addition to 14 other runners. The team seems to have had a rather good season according to Team captain Matt Jiang.  

“In general, the season is a very good one for all of us, especially during this special situation when everybody struggled a little”, He says. Due to covid restrictions last year, there was no cross county. Because of this, the team was not in their best shape starting off this year. But as the season progressed they worked hard and improved their run time.

This year’s team has 14 members, which is on the small side for cross country, but they are all doing well and having fun, Matt expressed. Most practices took place every day in the fields behind Macduffie, with a varied workout.  This included sprints, run hills, and long-distance duration runs to help them get in shape.

On Friday, November 5th, the cross country team competed in the SENE (South East New England) championship race, which took place at MacDuffie.  This is the final, and biggest race of the season. According to the coach, Mr. Hillman, all runners on the Macduffie team beat their personal records for the season. The girls who won medals in the SENE were Lorenza Coscia ‘22, Alba Podi ‘22, Sydney Bagwell ‘23, and Clara LaChance 23’. For the boys, Team Captain Matt Jiang ‘22 won a medal.