The Chinese Spring Festival Gala

Alexis Chapin, Managing Editor

      There are many yearly events that bring the community together, but this February there will be a new celebration held by the MacDuffie Chinese Association, the Chinese Spring Festival.

      Everyone in the club is involved in the production of this event, which will be held on February 13th at 7:30pm in the Little Theater, but the creators behind it are juniors Daisy Cheng, Angela Tang, Tira Xia, and Janet Xie. Xia says “ I started this idea [in] tenth grade… This year we started this club… And I said hey guys, we’re going to do this Spring festival gala.” The whole club helped to create the performances, and it was Xia’s leadership that organized the event.

      At the Gala, there will be beat boxing, traditional Chinese music, jazz dance, folk dance, talk shows, and much more.

      Cheng explains that there is a traditional New Year’s celebration in China that contains many similar performances and is broadcasted on TV. “We don’t have it here, and because of the time difference, people watch it at night, while we are here at noon in school.” This is a way for Chinese students to celebrate their culture together and share it with the rest of the school. Tang explains that the purpose behind their festival is to make the Chinese students feel more united, because there tends to be a lack of communication and interaction, and they want to fix that.

     The girls already have plans for next year, because they would like to make it an annual event. The Spring Festival is not only celebrated by Chinese people, but by many other Asians from different countries, so they would like to incorporate different cultures and traditions next year.

      Tickets can be bought at the door for $10 and will be covered for boarders by the activity fund.