MacDuffie’s Career Fair: A New Way to Introduce Students to Potential Career Choices


Hannah Lee

Captain Matt Gage, Nick Naunton, and Matthew Couciero talking about fields related to STEM (Science Technology Engineering and Mathematics)

Hannah Lee, Senior Staff Writer

MacDuffie held its first Career Fair on February 4th during the school day from 12:45 PM to 3:45 PM. The Career Fair brought in a variety of people with different professions to bring awareness to students about various career choices. According to College Counselor Jennifer Rogers, the speakers represented different fields: Business, Health Sciences, Humanities, Law, Media and Communication, Performing Arts, Visual Arts, and STEM. 

“Our goal of the Career Fair is to give students a better idea of what classes and majors are available in the future,” said Rogers. She hopes that students will learn more about other professions they never considered so they could have more choices to choose in their future.

The Career Fair was held in the last three blocks on Tuesday. Students rotated in their advisory groups every 20 minutes to different sessions. Each session had different speakers who work in a particular field. The speakers will consist of some alumni, parents from the MacDuffie community, spouses of the faculty, and English Department Teacher Dawn LaRochelle was the speaker for the teaching profession. 

Sophomores in MacDuffie were required to attend the Career Fair. 

“Sophomores are early in the college planning process, and they are still exploring different fields they are interested in. And if it goes well this year, we are willing to expand it to other grades,” said Rogers. 

According to Rogers, the Career Fair organization also had Juniors and Seniors who volunteered to help students rotate, keep time, and also get a chance to hear the speakers. However, if the students had a class, they were required to get permission from the teachers. 

The Career Fair was an ongoing project since last summer, and Rogers is excited to inspire students and help them learn about different career paths. 

Rogers hoped that the students enjoyed the Career Fair, and “[found] the event beneficial and worthwhile.”