Sherman Departs from MacDuffie


Ian Hua

Ms. Sherman on Magnolia Day

Sarah Scott, Editor in Chief

English and Public Speaking Teacher Taylor Sherman will be leaving MacDuffie after two years as a teacher, Residential Advisor, and ultimate frisbee coach. The decision was a matter of her personal and professional interests and making the best choices for her future.

When asked about her brief time at MacDuffie she immediately responded, “I have enjoyed the community here immensely. I think there are awesome students here and the people I work with are a lot of fun and super smart.” Sherman also said that coaching and being a part of ultimate frisbee was her favorite part of being at the school.

Sherman admitted humorously that ultimate frisbee will definitely be a part of her future; more seriously Sherman said that she is sure her future will hold her “seeing where a lot of [students at MacDuffie] end up. ” She believes that she will certainly read about students at MacDuffie “doing big things in the papers.”

MacDuffie contains a very special and unique community that Sherman said she would most likely miss the most. Over her time at MacDuffie she has been able to see all the aspects of the community from different angles throughout her various positions at the school in boarding, academics, and athletics.

Sherman expressed excitement for what lies ahead of her students in all their endeavors and wishes to remind them to “never stop thinking or questioning” in the future.