Class Election Results

Dima Aboukasm, Social Media Editor

On Thursday, May 10, the upper-school grades held their class elections for the student council positions of the 2019-2020 school year. Each upper-school grade voted for a class president and a class vice president.

Results are as follows:

Next year’s sophomore president: Mariel Baez

Next year’s sophomore vice president: Madeline Niedbala


Next year’s junior president: Leslie Pena

Next year’s junior vice president: Ksenia Kondratyeva


Next year’s senior president: Andrew Cao

Next year’s senior vice president: Savannah Richard

The positions for Freshman president and vice president, middle school president, as well as middle school co-counsel members will not be elected until next fall.

“This was by design to give new students a chance not only to run but to have a voice in their class leaders,” said Dean of Students Trish Cox.