MacDuffie Bids Farewell to Burdick: The Man, the Chef, the Legend

Ian Hua and Dima Aboukasm

7 years ago Senior Food Service Director Jonathan Burdick started working at MacDuffie. His years of service for the MacDuffie community came to a close on Friday, December 14. His position has been filled by Robin Grady, the previous Executive Chef.

After his many years at MacDuffie, Burdick wanted to focus on other parts of his life and move forward in his career.  

“I decided to leave MacDuffie mainly to focus on other things happening around me in my life,” Burdick said.

Burdick’s job, albeit rewarding, was very demanding, and made it hard for this to happen.

“The position of Food Service Director here at the school is a 24/7 job that requires many hours per week and 100% dedication to the program,” Burdick said.

With extra time on his hands, Burdick plans to first “take some personal time to be with [his] family.” Further in the future, he has other goals.

“I plan to consult and help with the opening of a new venture, hopefully within the beginning of the new year,” Burdick said. “My ultimate goal is to travel more of the world and to experience great food from other countries.”

Burdick remembers his time at MacDuffie as “challenging” and “rewarding.” One memory specifically stuck out of him and Executive Chef Robin Grady (who has now filled Burdick’s position): “Robin and I stayed overnight on campus during a blizzard a few years ago to make sure the Boarding students would be fed the next day.  We actually slept in the nurs

MacDuffie bid farewell to previous Senior Food Service Director Johnathon Burdick as a community during a Friday assembly.
Photo provided by Allyson Morin

e’s office that night.”

Burdick truly showed his dedication to the MacDuffie community and it did not go unnoticed. Several students shared memories of Burdick going above and beyond to provide to the community.

Senior Sophie Sharp noted Burdick’s “commitment to making the community stronger.”

“Mr. Burdick was always happy to help with The Muse events and fundraisers. Over the years he’s stored thousands of carnations for us in the Sage fridge during the hectic week of carnations sales,” Sharp said.

Even on an everyday basis, Burdick truly loved helping the students of MacDuffie, even when it wasn’t entirely out of necessity.

Senior Ala Legowski shared a memory of Burdick’s generous attitude towards her and her friend, Senior Julia Cloutier. “[Burdick] always put up with Julia asking for things that weren’t put out for lunch and always came back with a smile happy to give it to her (and us),” she said.

These day to day experiences with members of the MacDuffie community were particularly meaningful to Burdick.

“I’m especially thankful for all of the love, support, and interactions I’ve had with the faculty, staff, and all of the students on a daily basis,” said Burdick.

MacDuffie has left Burdick with many memories, making it a “second home” for him. Upon his departure, Burdick shared his appreciation of his time at MacDuffie and all that it had to offer.

“I’d like to thank the MacDuffie community as a whole for making my time at the school so wonderful and giving me great experiences and memories,” he said.