Storytellers Club to Bring New Artistic Perspective to MacDuffie

Dima Aboukasm, Staff Writer

As the year progresses and we inch out of the hectic first three months of school, many students begin thinking about extracurriculars and expanding their horizons through different opportunities offered by MacDuffie students and staff. Clubs are one way to be a part of the MacDuffie community beyond the classroom, and this year, there are an abundance of new clubs to explore. Storytellers, one of the new clubs started by junior Ariel Pu, allows students to experiment with beauty and fashion to artistically broaden perspective.

According to Pu, the Storytellers club is mainly about “designing and practicing makeup and how we use makeup to express our reflection towards the world.” The club utilizes body art, facial makeup, and dressing up in costumes to tell a story, then captures the image in a photo. Pu says that this is important because it helps students “view the whole world in a  different perspective and focus on the minority, or even the dark side of things sometimes.”

Pu’s inspiration for the club was the social media platform YouTube. She said, “My original thought about this club was making it a practice time for everyone who is interested in makeup. At the same time, I also subscribed to a lot of YouTubers…I learned how to do makeup by watching their videos. I was also inspired by a blogger who always takes selfies by herself.”

Pu started this club because she wanted to “tell a story,” hence the name, the Storytellers club. She said, “I always believe that either doing makeup or taking pictures is something people do with a purpose. There are so many things happening within seconds, but people never notice them. I want to look at things in a different perspective, and share them with other people around me.”

Pu and the Storytellers club meet once a week, advised by Middle School theater teacher Lucy Tew. “People who are interested in designing, doing makeup, taking pictures and telling stories,” might consider joining Storytellers club, adds Pu.