Vietnamese Egg Coffee

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I hope you are all doing well in this coronavirus situation. As many events are canceled and restaurants are shut down, many countries’ governments advise their people to self-quarantine. While staying at home can prevent the spreading of the virus, it could also make you bored to death. That is why more and more people are seeking things to do in their house to keep themselves entertained right now. Cooking is one of these options. If you are using Tik Tok or Instagram, you might see that there are many pictures of people making a type of coffee called Dalgona Coffee. It was a huge trend because it is easy to make, it looks good on social media and it tastes good. However, I want to introduce you guys to a very unique coffee made in Vietnam that also looks good in pictures, tastes good, and is super easy to make.

To make a cup of Vietnamese Egg Coffee, you will need chicken eggs, instant dark coffee powder, sugar (or honey), hot water, and condensed milk (if you want a little extra sweetness).

Ha Nguyen
Vietnamese egg coffee’s ingredients. Photo by Ha Nguyen

Step 1: Brew one to two ounces of dark coffee (it depends on how much you want). You can do this by using a coffee filter or a coffee machine.

Ha Nguyen
Step 1: Making dark coffee. Photo by Ha Nguyen

Step 2: Crack two eggs in a small bowl and separate the egg yolks and the whites. You will only need the egg yolk. Be careful not to let a drop of water touch your egg yolk. Put in three tablespoons of sugar. You can substitute sugar with honey if you like. Whisk it up until you end up with a frothy, fluffy mixture like in the picture below.

Ha Nguyen
Step 2: Making of the egg mixture. Photo by Ha Nguyen

Step 3: Put your egg mixture in a cup. For aesthetics, use a clear cup. Then slowly pour in the dark coffee. You can add in condensed milk for sweetness if you like.

Ha Nguyen
Step 3: Final product. Photo by Ha Nguyen

Voila! There is your egg coffee. Enjoying it while it is still hot is the best. Hope you guys succeed in making this egg coffee.