Literary England

Sarah Scott, Editor in Chief

In March of next year, MacDuffie’s English Department is organizing a trip to England. Following the successful 2019 trip to Italy, English Department Chair Carol Tomkiel is forming a trip of her own for spring break of 2020. The trip will occur over the course of eight days,  visiting famous sites and experiencing the historical journey of literature in the United Kingdom.

The group will stop in the heart of London, home of Charles Dickens; Stratford-on-Avon, the village and birthplace of Shakespeare; the Yorkshire countryside, home to the Bronte sisters; the Lake District, a national park formed by Beatrix Potter; and will even include a tour of Warner Brothers where Harry Potter was first established as a movie. The trip will also have plenty of opportunities for exploration and will introduce students and family members who choose to join to the enriching English culture.

Tomkiel said that to enroll, “go to CHA-TOURS and type in the tour name.”

“This is a once-in-a-lifetime chance!” Tomkiel said. The trip is open to all students, parents, faculty and alumni. If you have any further questions she encourages you to email her at [email protected]