Winter Sports Teams Season Comes to an End


Jillian Ouimet , Senior Staff Writer

The snow is melting, the temperature is rising, and the Winter sports season has come to an end. Although the last baskets have been made, this season will be remembered. The winter season had many successes in basketball including MacDuffie’s Boys’ Prep, Boys’ Varsity, and Girls’ Varsity teams.  

The Boys’ Prep basketball team had a total of 59 games with a record of 20 losses and 39 wins. With this record, they competed in NEPSAC quarterfinals on February 27 where they lost against Gould Academy in Maine.

Coach of the Prep team Jacque Rivera said, “It was a very successful year and we have four more kids going to college. Towards the end of the season, we were a little banged up but I was proud to have made it to the NEPSAC quarterfinals.”

The Girls’ Varsity basketball team got banged up as well during their season. Athletic Director Meirion George said, “This team was hampered early on in the season with injuries on very influential players on the team.”

Girls’ Varsity had a total of 8 wins and 10 losses. They competed in the NEPSAC quarterfinals where they won against Williams and then moved on in the playoffs to win again against Providence Country Day, earning them the title of SENE champions. George was very proud of the results.

“As I said before, the team was shorthanded from influential players being injured but the girls pulled through and were able to win SENE. I am very proud that under the circumstances they were in, they did not give up,” he said.

George was also proud of the Boys’ Varsity team with a total of 5 wins and 15 losses.

“We did lose some players from last year which opened the door for other players, giving them the opportunity to play. We had a very challenging schedule and I was proud of how the boys handled it,” he said. 

At the close of the season, the winter sports teams wrapped up many successes and challenges. Now, with the flowers starting to bloom and the sun peeking out, the MacDuffie Mustangs are preparing for another eventful spring season!