Disney Plus or Minus?

Oliver Barcome-Laflamme, Staff Writer

Disney+ has been out for almost 3 months now but it still has a lot of things to fix. That’s not to say that it doesn’t have its perks, it definitely has, but a lot of that is overshadowed by problems and bugs.

 It was released on November 12, launching with over a hundred Disney classics and modern movies alike. It is truly great to have a lot of great Disney movies in one place, and I think that launching Disney+ was the right step in that direction. But there were some setbacks.

Disney+ launched with both Marvel and Star Wars movies, but not all of the movies are available right now in those franchises (due to licensing). This is bad for people who want to binge-watch, but the movies will be available sometime in early 2020. 

On launch day, there were a recorded 10 million accounts made. Now they have almost thirteen million accounts registered. Disney has said they have a projected 20 million accounts by the start of 2020. This is devastating to other streaming services such as Netflix. A lot of streaming services have also taken Disney selection so that Disney can transfer those to Disney+.

But the launch day was riddled with bugs. Lots of network errors and frame drops messed with the recording service. To rub salt in the wound, hackers were able to get into Disney+, steal accounts, and then sell them online for up to $11. These hackers also made it so that the people from whom the accounts were stolen couldn’t get back into their account. 

On a more minor scale, people are complaining about the formats. The Simpsons and other shows have a lot of jokes that implement the use of a widescreen format for viewing. Disney+ has a smaller format, therefore cutting off some jokes. It’s a minor issue, and one that could be solved in the future quickly. 

All these reasons go to show that Disney+ needs some work, but nonetheless it is a great streaming service, and with a little maintenance, could be one of the best streaming services.