Key Club Provides Aid for Australia

Ha Nguyen, Senior Staff Writer

Australia is suffering the worst wildfires in recent memory, so the Key Club organized a fundraiser for Australia this month. Until Wednesday, Jan. 15, people could donate clean and good condition blankets or animal beds to the boxes in the front hall and Community Service Coordinator Dana Katz’s classroom (1308).

After finishing collecting blankets and money, Katz sent everything to the Animal Rescue Collaborative Craft Guild who will send it to Australia. When asked about how she found this organization, Katz said that she saw a post on Facebook. The South Hadley Public Library was also gathering things to send over to Australia too. Katz said that both she and the South Hadley library did some research to check that this organization is trustworthy for donations. 

According to CNN, Australia is having “the worst wildfires seen in decades.” Whole towns in New South Wales and 17.9 million acres in 6 states have been burned due to the fire. Many people lost their homes. 27 people died in the fire, including firefighters and residents. Over half a billion animals have died from the fire. Due to the fact that there are also many injured and dehydrated animals, Katz said the volunteers would have to rescue and take care of them. 

After this donation, the Key Club and Katz are going to focus on the effects of the Puerto Rican earthquake.

“We are not planning on any other actions to help Australia yet,” Katz said, “But we are focusing on the donation for the Puerto Rican people that suffered from a recent earthquake.”