Turkey Drive At MacDuffie

Vincent Buono, Senior Staff Writter

Every year here at MacDuffie, students from the Peace Studies class help raise money to buy turkeys around Thanksgiving. The students in Peace Studies made the announcement during Friday’s assembly, telling the school how they all can help.

Peace Studies teacher Greg Vennell who has been at MacDuffie for 50 years has been part of the turkey drive for a long time.

“MacDuffie has been doing this turkey drive for the past 30 years,” Vennell said. “We raise as much as we can for the people in need. Every bit counts.”

Each turkey costs in the range of $25, and it all doesn’t have to be paid by one person. The classes can raise money together. Outside donors are also accepted.

“Our MacDuffie school is a community and everyone is invited to help not just students and faculty,” Vennell said.

“We raise the money, buy the turkeys and donate them to a place called the Grey House in the north end of Springfield,” Vennell said. “The food insecurity is about 24%, which means that 1 out of 4 people don’t have food to eat.”

Last year’s graduating class donated 10 turkeys every year of their high school days.

“We have a lot of students and people part of the MacDuffie community, so we should be able to make a difference,” Vennell said.