Review Writing: Red Robin

Sarah Scott, Social Media Editor

Have you ever caught a glimpse of a Red Robin commercial, maybe even have gotten the catchy jingle stuck in your head,  and still haven’t tried their food? I suggest that it’s time you do; there are many more attributes to the restaurant than just their cute cartoon and a captivating rhyme.

Red Robin is a warm and welcoming restaurant suitable for all ages. The colorful ceiling of red and yellow along with the vibrant pictures of quite possibly anything you can imagine, create an upbeat and happy atmosphere along with an enjoyable experience.

Upon entering the Holyoke restaurant a fun-filled region to your left works as a waiting area for guests yet to be seated. The family interactive area is furnished with hamburger shaped chairs and an arcade claw games. To your right, an adult specialized section contains booth seating as well as a bar, filled with many Red Robin brews.

Red Robin, famous for their gourmet burgers, offers many options on their menu for omnivores and vegetarians alike. With over 25 different burgers there are plenty of choices as well as the ability to make a burger of your own preference. If you aren’t much of a burger person that’s alright; Red Robin additionally has an entree menu as well as a list of sandwiches and wraps.

However, often times the best part about your dinner isn’t the meal, it’s the bottomless steak fries served just before. With original seasoning and sauce options you will quickly find that you are pleased it’s an unending basket. If the steak fries aren’t enough I do advise you to try the appetizers. They have a well-rounded variety of options, one of their most popular being their crispy and flavourfull tall stack of onion rings.

Portions at the restaurant are rather large and will definitely fill a burning appetite. If you are lucky you might have room to try their desserts, which leave you with an assortment of decisions. If you enjoy ice cream cake and fudge, I suggest trying their Mountain High Mudd Pie, which may or may not be a figurative title.

Cost can become pricey  depending on what you choose, especially if you have a large party. But I argue you must keep in mind that the prices are rather reasonable for the quality. Without special offers and coupons a gourmet cheese burger costs around $10.25.

However, there are downsides to the restaurant complex. Often times because of the popularity, you will find yourself waiting for times as long as 45 minutes. While the staff is very accommodating and service is friendly, the place can become mobbed and patience is a virtue you must retain. Additionally, the volume of chatter becomes very loud and if you are looking for a peaceful—and maybe romantic—dinner, this is not the best place.

I highly recommend going to Red Robin, as it’s one of my favorite places to have a good time and devour great food. Don’t be surprised if you hear a few Happy Birthday songs while you’re there!