Letter From the Editor: January

Cassidy Polga, Editor-in-Chief

Hello all,


I normally try to be a bit more eloquent, but there is really no better way to convey my feelings about so much of my life right now. It has been quite an eventful couple of months since my last letter, which was an unequivocal endorsement of Hillary Clinton for President of the United States. I don’t think that I have to tell anyone that the outcome which I hoped for did not come true, and that was and continues to be devastating in many different ways.

But the election results aside, the response which my previous endorsement editorial received from the community was a humbling, wonderful reminder of both the reach of journalism and the compassion that MacDuffie students and faculty have for each other. Many people commented on The Magnet site, and even more directly emailed me to express their own beliefs. I was particularly pleased by the discussion which grew in the comments-civil, open, and patient, it was exactly the sort of conversation we as members of The Magnet hope to spark around the community. From the bevy of responses which we received for our article on community reactions to the election, it is clear to me that so many students have the ability and desire to speak their minds, and I encourage any and all of you to use that voice by contributing to The Magnet in some way. We are simply the platform and amplifier of your thoughts, opinions, and needs, so please send in letters to me (at [email protected]), write editorials, or leave comments directly on the site.

Exams, of course, also came and went. I hope that no one was too devastated with their scores, but even if your results did not reflect your preparation, I promise that grades do not define you. There are so many ways to learn, and a less than stellar grade in a specific subject does not equal a lack of intelligence. Brush yourself off, talk to your teacher about your next steps, and remind yourself that your potential has not been harmed.

There are a lot of fascinating new articles up on the site, and I urge you to take a look at them. The Magnet staff are hardworking and eager, and their continued commitment to representing the school community makes it clear that they will be absolutely fine without us Editors next year. In my final semester at MacDuffie, I would like to see continued involvement from the community, be it participating in assembly or saying “thank you” to the Sage staff in the lunchroom. Or, of course, by contributing to The Magnet. Your voices are meaningful, and we would love to have them.

Thank you,