Little Italy’s Pizza Review


Marek Ludkiewicz

The outside of Little Italy's Pizzeria in Granby, which delivers to MacDuffie.

Marek Ludkiewicz, Staff Writer

Looking for an inexpensive meal for you and a few friends? Little Italy’s Pizza is a good place to start.

Located in Granby, on 56 West State Street, they deliver to MacDuffie and serve delicious pizza. Little Italy’s has amazing food, but they don’t have a very big or nice dining area, which makes them much more suitable for take-out or delivery.
When I went to pick up my pizza the staff were friendly and service was prompt. The restaurant also gives convenient coupons that let you buy food for a large group at a much cheaper price, with drinks included, which is helpful for a birthday or other event. They make the pizzas in a timely manner, as it only took about 15-20 minutes for the pizza to be ready.

The pizza at Little Italy has a thick crust and lots of sauce, although it is greasy, which may turn some people off, When I ordered from Little Italy’s, I purchased the “Meat Lovers” pizza, which had a wide variety of meat, including ham, bacon, hamburger, and sausage. This pizza is my personal favorite from Little Italy’s, because I like meat. However, if meat isn’t your thing, they have many other options typical of a pizzeria to choose from that are sure to satisfy any appetite. I give little Italy Pizzeria an 8/10 for their good pizza, quick service, reasonable price, and lack of a dining area.