MacDuffie 2020 Student Council Election Results

The MacDuffie Student Council election results for the roles of President, Vice-president and Head Duty Prefect in the upcoming school year have been released. They are as follows: Leslie Peña, President; Jackson Skibel, Vice President; and Chan-Ho “Chris” Kim, Head Duty Prefect.

All expressed their gratitude and a willingness to work in their new roles to uplift the school.

“I truly appreciate this opportunity, and I hope to exceed your expectations. I also hope you all feel comfortable enough to come to me about anything so we can improve our school together as a team,” Peña said.

Skibel was grateful for the voters, and he said he hopes to “deliver on my promise,” saying, “I really hope to improve the school spirit and happiness of the school!”

Kim expressed similar sentiments. “I am beyond grateful to get an opportunity for being the head duty prefect. I will always be there for anyone who would need help. I am very thrilled to make this community better together,” he said.

Both Peña, who ran against Nam “Charlie” Nguyen and Lily Griffin, and Skibel, who ran against Jillian Ouimet, also commented appreciatively concerning their fellow candidates.

“I disliked running against my best friend, but I would have been happy either way,” Skibel said. Peña said, “I am very proud of Charlie and Lily. I hope to see them fill other leadership positions because I know they could help our community flourish.”

The final all-school election will decide the new student members of the Judiciary Council. The candidates will share their speeches on Wednesday, May 20, and the voting will take place on Friday, May 22.