Enrollment in MacDuffie Girls’ Soccer

Lisa Shibuki, Senior Staff Writer

MacDuffie Girls’ Soccer has had both a Varsity and Junior Varsity team for the past four years. However, this year Girls’ Soccer is fielding only a Varsity team. 

During the fall season in 2018, 13 players were enrolled in the Girls’ Junior Varsity Soccer team, and 18 girls were on the roster of the Girls’ Varsity Soccer team. Currently, there are only 14 players and 3 goalkeepers on the team. 

“We had a chunk of players to lose,” Athletic Director Meirion George said. “But I don’t think it is an issue.” George and some players think the loss of the JV team led to more chances for the players. 

Since the school originally expected to have two teams, the athletics department scheduled games for both JV and Varsity. The Girls’ Soccer team will be having 18 games this season, excluding playoff games. Most of the games are held at MacDuffie, which is convenient for the players. Additionally, after combining teams, they have joined the SENE (Southeastern New England) league.

Having more than 18 games with 17 players could be challenging. One of the sophomore players, Akana Nakamura, values practice time. In order to boost their skill level, she believes they need more practice time than running on the field during games.  

“But compared to last year, the practices got harder and more serious.” Nakamura said. Although she thinks the shift from JV to the Varsity team was challenging, she is still willing to contribute to the team by practicing more.

George admits that it takes a lot of commitment to play on the Varsity team. The captain of the Girls’ Soccer Team, Senior Grace Drost, added, “Varsity sounds more intimidating and too serious.” But she also thinks people should try out soccer as long as they are having fun.   

George also encourages students who wish to be on the team to join next year.

George said that fewer girls are enrolled in sports teams this year overall. In addition to this, Drost said, “In general, in sports teams, I feel like the girls’ teams at this school are not supported as the boys’ teams. More people come to the games for guys.” She believes that this is a pattern in America and that fewer spectators at games might lead to fewer sport players.