Club Samples

Film Appreciation Club

The Film Appreciation Club is run by Danila Shestakov. It is designed for people who want to see beyond the popcorn action flicks and into the world of real cinematography. The club will focus on watching any movies that spark a conversation. From timeless classics to modern masterpieces, it will drastically expand your perspective. If you want to know more and see more, sign up for the club today.

Information provided by: Danila Shestakov


The Muse

The Muse is MacDuffie’s Literary and Arts Magazine. We are both a club and a publication. Sophie Sharp is the Editor in Chief, Craig Judicki is the Managing Editor, Aurora Basnet is the Marketing Editor, and Ms. Tew is the advisor. The Muse collects poems, short stories, and artwork from members of the community and assembles them into a magazine that is distributed on the last day of school. The Muse also publishes work on our website and Instagram.

Information provided by: Sophia Sharp



MOSAIC [Multicultural Organization for Students Advocating Inclusivity, Compassion, Comprehension, and Cooperation] is a newly revived MacDuffie club that began in 2015. We discuss issues around diversity in the world and host events that make our school cognizant of these issues. The leaders of the club are Aurora Basnet and Asmaa Chaudhry, and their faculty advisors are Mr. Ruiz and Mrs. Caballero.

Information provided by: Aurora Basnet



Madeleine LaChance is the president of the NDEO (National Dance Education Organization) at MacDuffie. Ms. Muzzy is their club leader, and the goal of the club is to advance dance education through the arts. They will be organizing activities throughout the year; for example, this year NDEO will be starting an introductory dance class to teach basic dance technique (primarily ballet). Anyone can join, and it’s going to be a lot of fun! They will also spread awareness of dance, raise money for local dance initiative or charity programs, and do some other fun things throughout the year.


In addition to this, NDEO also administers the NHSDA (National Honors Society of Dance Arts). This means that if you are devoted to actively dance participation at MacDuffie, you can be inducted into the NHSDA and graduate with honors. Several seniors were inducted last year, several more will be inducted this year, and it looks great on a college application!

Information provided by: Madeleine LaChance


Macduffie Chinese Students Association

MCSA is a club that will introduce you to Chinese culture; from the language to food, tradition to superstition, and a lot more. It is run by Angel Mao, Oliver Wang, and Sherry He. If you want to expand your views and knowledge of the world, come and join the club.

Information provided by: Huiquin Mao