Students Get a Chance to Bring Their Cuisine to Dorm Life

Sophie Sharp, Senior Staff Writer

February 17

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This semester, a new Cooking CAP has been introduced to the MacDuffie community, formally known as Chinese Cultural and Cuisine Kaleidoscope. This CAP is run by Mandarin teacher Ting Juan Song, and her hope is that “through...



January 18

Where Are They Now?

Olivia Ramirez-Weissbach, Senior Staff Writer

January 17

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Gina Napolitano Class of 2016 Where are you now? I'm currently enrolled at Wheaton College in Norton, Massachusetts.  I am going to be an English and Secondary Education major with a minor in Women and Gender Studies in ho...

Aca-Awesome Yale Singers Serenade School

Dollar Zhu, Senior Staff Writer

October 31

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When someone who studies English just to be unemployed, someone who double majors in Geology and Astronomy just to be a rock star, someone who majors in public speaking but seems so shy in front of the crowd, and other people ...